Selling Your Vessel

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Selling Your Vessel

When in possession of a vessel, part of the responsibility lies in thinking of its future, be it with you or with another owner later on in its trajectory.

Whether you’re looking to make an outright sale, or to exchange it with another yacht, it is vital to have access to the most lucrative networks possible, in order to achieve the best outcome, both for you and your vessel. 

At Yachthub Group, one of our major assets is our experience with vessel brokerage, as well as our incomparable resources when it comes to showcasing your vessel to some of the most enthusiastic and credible investors out there. Yachthub Group is here to help you make the next step in your yachting journey, and to provide you with the best brokerage services in the industry.

Our approach is to treat each vessel that is in our database as its own separate case study. We apply a tailored approach when putting it on the market, analysing which category of potential buyer would be best suited for the yacht in question. Since we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to yachting investments, our way of working gives each vessel in our portfolio the platform it deserves to find the right owner, and to get you the best results. 


Laguna Marina, Valletta Waterfront

Our brokerage services would not be possible without our duo of marinas. Laguna Marina at the Valletta Waterfront and Portomaso Marina in St Julian’s are essential hubs for yachting and boating investors in Malta. These are exclusive locations that attract high net-worth individuals on the daily, most of whom share our love for the yacht life. Our physical presence via our head sales office at Portomaso Marina and our representatives at Laguna Marina are essential in establishing a rapport with prospective buyers and our clients. Moreover, we have a longstanding and solid relationship with Sunseeker Brokerage, which has always been a key connection in gathering prospective investors for our clients. Our team of expert brokers will work tirelessly to make sure you get the right deal.  

We consider ourselves to be a contemporary yachting hub, and we know the value of digital marketing when it comes to putting your vessel out there. We provide the right exposure you’re your yacht through a strategised digital marketing plan, one that reaches out to those that matter most. Our marketing team communicates our listings on a daily basis through lead generation tactics and positioning, as well as content creation that is utilised in social media, search engine and email marketing.

We also believe in the power of community, which is why we make it a point to attend as well as host events pertaining to the yachting industry. This is our way of strengthening our ties within the business, as well as updating old friends and trusted peers on the latest investments on offer, including your vessel. 

Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve so far sold 150 yachts with a collective value of €140,000,000, and our finger is forever on the pulse on behalf of you and our listings.


Our team look forward to hearing from you.