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Personal yacht shopper

Our one-of-a-kind service is here to make your dream vessel come to life.

What is our Personal Yacht shopper service?

The concept of our personal yacht shopper is to deliver bespoke vessels, all under your direction. The idea is for you to approach us with your yachting vision, and for us to bring it to life, down to the very last detail. There are no limits as to what we can achieve, and our portfolio of custom-built yachts is a testament to our prowess when it comes to assembling the very best.



Our service always begins by suggesting the most appropriate model for you, one which is in accordance to your specifications. Our wealth of knowledge in the field allows us to fully understand your requirements when curating your unique vessel, and our team will implement your customisation in such a way that your model will retain a timeless value, should you wish to sell it on in future.  


Our job as your professional shopper is to act on your behalf when dealing with brands, shipyards and factories – this includes all your design & build requirements. We trust the craftsmen with whom we collaborate, and they know as much as we do what our clients expect from them. We represent a number of brands, but we also have close ties with the finest shipyards in the business, often leading us to better results. 


We’ll organise the logistics of your requested customisation, collaborating with the best brands and shipyards in our network to deliver the best fiscal and material results. As personal shoppers, we’re with you every step of the way, whether it’s speaking on your behalf with manufacturers, assisting in negotiations, or providing you with any technical advice you may need.


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Sunseeker Predator 80

"2014 Sunseeker Predator 80"

€2,200,000 Tax Paid


Length: 80

Year: 2014

Guests: 8

Location: Turkey

Reference: SML-Pred80



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