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Your Own Personal Yacht Shopper – Yachthub Group

The concept of the personal yacht shopper at Yachthub Group is all about bringing our client’s yachting vision to life.

The concept of the personal yacht shopper at Yachthub Group is all about bringing our client’s yachting vision to life. Our mission is to deliver bespoke vessels under your direction and according to your specific requests, down to the last detail. We have an extensive portfolio of custom-built yachts, and there are almost no limits as to what we can achieve on your behalf.

When you approach us with your yachting vision, we always like to start off by making our own seasoned suggestions, and we’ll act as a second pair of eyes for you to keep your options open. We’ll be able to suggest the most appropriate yachting model for you, once which is most in line with your specifications. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge in the field, we are able to come up with efficient solutions and recommendations throughout the assembling process, and our team’s objective is not only to hit your own personal targets, but to also build a model that will retain longevity in its value, should you wish to pas it on to a new owner in future.


Throughout the design and build process, our job as your personal shopper is to directly deal with brands, shipyards and factories by speaking their language, in order to implement your exact specifications. We have a longstanding rapport with the craftsmen, with whom we specifically choose to work with. They know what our clients expect of them, and they are always ready to deliver. Although we represent our own selection of brands, we’ve built close ties with the most reputable third-party shipyards, allowing us to provide more than adequate alternatives and achieve better results.

While you wait for your custom yacht to be realised, we’ll be overseeing the logistics of your requests, ensuring the acquisition of the most cost-effective and superior materials, as well as the best fiscal results. This is not to say that we cut corners; our endless collaboration with the most respected brands, factories and shipyards guarantees that quality, safety and longevity will be delivered in the final result.

As your personal yacht shopper, we’ll be with you every step of the way, giving you all the updates on the progress of your yacht. When negotiating with manufacturers and other third parties, we will be, above all else, representing you and your investment.


Our team look forward to hearing from you.