Rush Malta – Top Day Charters and Elite Water Experiences

Malta's go-to people for boat, yacht and water toy charters

Rush Malta – Top Day Charters and Elite Water Experiences

For those looking to experience the latest water-sporting activities and premium-quality day charters, Rush Malta is your go-to establishment for chartering aquatic excellence around the Maltese Islands.

With an extensive menu of paddleboards, kayaks, underwater scooters, and a fleet of premium Sea-Doo watercrafts, Rush Malta provides unforgettable experiences for everyone on the water. In conjunction with this range of seafaring ancillaries, Rush Malta delivers elite day charter voyages onboard a prestigious fleet of vessels, ranging from 28ft to 85ft. Featuring top brands such as Sunseeker, Cranchi, Axopar and Brabus Marine, Rush Malta executes relaxing getaways as well as adrenaline-pumping thrills through its tailored nautical packages.

Rush Malta lets you discover the freedom of the open sea as you embark on one of its luxurious day charters. The brand’s fleet has been curated to offer unparalleled comfort and style, allowing you to cruise along Malta’s pristine coastlines, bask in the warm sun and indulge in breathtaking views. Rush Malta’s expert crew will ensure that your every need is met, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your journey. 

Based at Portomaso Marina, Rush Malta will be able to help you organise an impeccable day out at sea. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion onboard one of our majestic yachts, or have a picnic on the water onboard one of our day boat charters, Rush Malta is here to make it happen. The brand’s selection of water toys is guaranteed to quench your thirst for adventure, and the inhouse Sea-Doo Safaris are a unique way to explore the Maltese shores with friends and family onboard the Sea-Doo fleet. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just a beginner, Rush Malta’s experienced instructors will guide you every step of the way, ensuring a safe yet thrilling experience.

Rush Malta’s objective is to help you experience the Maltese Islands from an entirely different angle. Paddleboard across the archipelago’s crystal-clear waters, snorkel and discover the vibrant ecosystems below the surface, explore the wonders of the island’s many sea caves onboard a Sea-Doo watercraft, or simply soak up the sun on a spacious yacht deck. This is but a fraction of what the brand has to offer when it comes to day charter excellence.

Of course, none of this would be possible without Rush Malta’s superior fleet of vessels and ancillaries. At present, the brand features the following yachts, boats and watercrafts:

Sea-Doo: GTX PRO | RXT-X 300

Self-Drive Boats: Rush Self-Drive Boats | IDEA 58 Open Boat | Rush Buccaneer | Jeanneau CAP C. 8.5

Axopar Day Charters: Axopar 22 ST “Rush 22” | Axopar 28 TT “Tina” | Axopar 37 ST – Med Pack “Fonzie” | Axopar 37 ST – Wet Bar “Miss DC” | Axopar 37 ST – Cross Cabin “Adele II”

Luxury Tenders: Cranchi M44 “Pura” | Cranchi A46 “Palladium” | Sacs Strider 15 “Swayed 1”

Yacht Charters: Sunseeker Predator 57 “Caribbean Jee-Jam” | Sunseeker Manhattan 70 “Jupju” | Elegance 55 “Elegance” | Sunseeker 86 Yacht “Sam K” | Sunseeker 88 Yacht “Selen II”

So, whether you’re planning a special celebration, a corporate outing, or just want to experience the best of what the sea has to offer, let Rush Malta be your trusted partner.


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